We continue to create new partnerships …


Team Meccatronicore: We continue to test our product with the companies that produce the resins.

The CEO of Meccatronicore had the opportunity to see the spaces of the Blue Cast company in Verdello (BG). It was a very interesting meeting, ideas and very useful tips for the future of companies were also compared.

BBCure Plus: UV polymerizer, professional UV LED oven;
BLueCast – Resins for SLA & DLP 3D printers
Youtube MTC UV Oven Postcuring

Dental and Orphan Industry

Blue Cast is a 100% Made in Italy certified Italian brand. Blue Cast is also specialized in the production of glutable resins for the orphan industry.

We are pleased to share that our BB CURE Midi Plus and BB Compact products have been tested and have brought excellent results with their resins.