Studio 300

Discover its features.

Easy to use and professional in performance

Studio 300 is the best 3D printer for semi-professional use.
Leonardo’s own technology is concentrated in this more compact solution, offering you the perfect compromise between a large print bed and a small overall size.
The Japanese components and Italian design make it an object also suitable for a domestic environment.

Self-calibration of the table and resumption of printing make the Studio 300 a professional 3D printer within everyone’s reach.


Touch & point interface

Stainless steel extruder with integrated nozzle designed by Meccatronicore engineers
Proprietary interchangeable head
Print volumes among the largest in the category
Extreme reliability on any material (even non-Meccatronicore)
High speed and precision
Extremely performing
Maximum speed allowed

Components of printers

The best components for your accurate, fast and professional 3d molding. Realize all your projects together with Meccatronicore and the new generation of 3d printers. Discover the composition of the Studio 300 3d printer models.

Technical specifications

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