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3D printing accessories

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Made in Italy extruder
All our printers mount a special stainless steel extruder with integrated nozzle (unibody). It was designed by our engineers to offer maximum precision and incredible smoothness. Even after hours and hours of printing, reliability remains the same, because the clogging problem (typical of FDM technology) is almost completely eliminated.
Interchangeable heads

For our printers we have developed a system of interchangeable heads. You can use one for each material, with many advantages for your work:

  •  the risk of clogging is reduced
  •  just a few seconds to mount, just like a toner
  • eliminate the dead times between one print and another

Remember that the heads can then be overhauled on site, without sending the entire machine

We want to become your reference point for prototyping and 3d printing.

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