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Leonardo Revo

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Experience the revolution in 3D printing

Leonardo is the hyper professional filament fusion (FFF) 3D printer that combines the best Japanese components with Made in Italy style and know-how.

Why limit your creativity?

Now you are finally free to design without compromise, thanks to large print plans. But not only. With Leonardo you can print multiple objects in a single printing process, optimizing times and lowering prototyping costs.FF


An electronic heart of the latest generation
Touch & print interface
Double stainless steel extruder with integrated nozzle designed by our engineers
Proprietary interchangeable head
Closed printing chamber
Filament alarm
Large print volumes
Maximum speed allowed
Extreme reliability on any material (even not by MeccatroniCore)
Very high precision
Full autonomy
Flexibility never achieved before

Components of printers

The best components for your accurate, fast and professional 3d molding. Realize all your projects together with Meccatronicore and the new generation of 3d printers. The high quality of mechanics and electronics, cutting-edge design and ease of use make Leonardo Revo an indispensable tool for your work.

Technical specifications

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