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Innovative dehumidification system
The Meccatronicore Dr. Dryer is a fundamental accessory for those who use technical filaments but not only. In fact, the biggest problem with these consumables is the high absorption of humidity from the environment, which leads to difficulty in printing and therefore … a bad result. Thanks to Dr. Dryer, the filaments are dehydrated by moisture by means of its innovative dehumidification system using salts, bringing the consumable back to its initial state, to obtain a better print quality.


The large internal compartment can contain 3 reels of 750gr up to 2.8Kg each or 2 reels of 5Kg each. The 3.2 ”touch screen allows you to choose the best treatment for the inserted filaments directly from the preset programs, while having the possibility of creating customized ones.

Heating system

The “Active Fan” heating system produces circulatory movements of hot air, which dry the filament spools inside, bringing them back to their initial state. The water particles, extracted from the materials, are passed through a special filter that eliminates them, returning moisture-free air to the outside.

A second treatment studied and designed by Meccatronicore will then dehydrate the mineral salts of the filter, extending its duration.

Dehumidification system

The innovative dehumidification system was designed in collaboration with the best filament manufacturers in the world and recreates the same process they used during the manufacture of the wire at the time of extrusion.

Thanks to the three outlets on the top of the Dr. Dryer, the dehydration activity can also take place during the printing phase, thus helping to extrude the filaments, in particular the technical ones, during long processes. Finally, an encoder installed on the outputs will allow you to see how much consumable has been used, helping the user to optimize costs and avoid printing stops due to fi nishing.

Technical specifications

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