Who we are


The mission

Becoming a point of reference in the world of prototyping and 3D printing: this is the goal of MeccatroniCore, the Trentino startup born in 2013.

In a very short time, MeccatroniCore enters the INDUSTRIO VENTURES acceleration program and launches its own lines of 3D printers for professional and semi-professional use on the market.

A little bit of us

With Leonardo and Studio, the technological superiority of some engineering solutions is immediately evident: one above all, the proprietary interchangeable head, which is easy to replace and avoids having to interrupt the printing process.

But the MeccatroniCore models are also distinguished by the stainless steel extruder with integrated nozzle, touch & print technology and accurate design.

Your dreams. Our mission

We believe in hard work and in the contamination of ideas.

The credit for our greatest satisfactions goes to the work of the MeccatroniCore engineers and the contribution of some qualified partnerships: it is also thanks to them, in fact, that it was possible to develop vertical skills on specific markets and test a series of custom solutions.

MeccatroniCore is a founding member of AITA, the Italian Association of Additive Technologies.

We never stop

We love to experiment

Continuing training

The customer first

Your dreams, our mission

We believe in hard work and in the contamination of ideas.

Our Partners

We work with:

Some of our partners with whom we have been actively collaborating for years. Companies that have chosen to give an important space to technology and their entrepreneurial projects.

Do you want to experiment with new ideas and make them unique?

We can do it with you