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BB Wash

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BBWash is exactly the resin cleaner machine you’ve been waiting for. With its washing programs, the removable basket and the possibility of anchoring the printing platform to the lid without having to detach the object, BBWash is an authentic revolution to be discovered. Bundled with a second basket, it allows for coarse washing and final washing, avoiding contamination and saving cleaning liquid. Proprietary cleaning algorithms with orbital system ensure effective and safe cleaning. The Clean-Up 100% active ingredient cleaning liquid is an alternative to the use of IPA and guarantees you effectiveness and long life. It is not flammable and is not managed as special waste.


Silent system
Adjustable speed
Orbital washing system
Connected to your network
High performance engine
The WIFI Direct or Ethernet connection system allows the management of the BBWash through the internet browser it will be possible to memorize infinite washing programs and it will also keep track of your work with a report that can be used to complete the workflow.
Technical specifications

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