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BB Midi Plus

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BB Cure guarantees the perfect finish of your resins. Thanks to the 360 ​​° UV polymerization system with three wavelengths, it is ideal for all types of 3D and traditional resins; from castable, to techniques, to dental. Just choose the UV power and temperature.


Suitable for any type of resin
Eco-Passive Technology
Multi-sensor Over-Temp Control System
Security OFF system at the door
Ecological and safe BB midi Plus uses Eco-Passive technology, which recovers the energy dissipated by the powerful UV emitters. This exclusive solution combined with an efficient multi-sensor Over-temp control system guarantees reduced management costs and long life of the device.

Powerful but delicate

Because it adapts to any type of resin, even the most delicate and subject to yellowing. Quietly set the desired power value, the processor will check the emitted irradiation 10 times per second, respecting the characteristics of each photo-polymer.

3 waves of lenght

Triple Frequency technology can polymerize a wide range of different types of resins: from standard to more technical ones, used in the related professional fields. The wide band of use covers practically the entire range of UV polymers, including most of the composites specifically dedicated to the dental field, and processed with traditional methods (not 3D)

360° Polymerization

The exclusive Omni 360 ° technology irradiates your objects from all sides, even the support one. The 6 radiating faces in fact allow effective UV exposure without rotation of the object and without moving parts that can wear out.

Technical specifications

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