bb cure xl

BB Cure XL

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The peculiarity of this model for which it is different from BB CURE and BBmidi is the size of its internal chamber (35 x 32 x 22h cm), which allows you to carry out the post-curing process for large objects with the greatest power.


2 wavelengths, unlimited possibilities

Double Frequency technology allows you to polymerize a large number of different types of resins, from standard resins to more technical ones, passing through castable compounds ending with flexible resins.

360 ° polymerization

Our unique Omni 360 ° technology radiates your object from every direction, including the support base. Six radiating sides provide effective UV exposure with no object rotation and no moving parts subject to wear.

Powerful but delicate

It adapts to any type of resin, even the most delicate and vulnerable to amber. Just set the desired power, the processor will control the radiation emitted 10 times per second, respecting the characteristics of each photopolymer.

Safe and respectful of the echo

The entire BB-Cure line uses Eco-Passive technology which recovers the energy dissipated by the UV emitters. This unique solution, together with an efficient multi-sensor overtemperature control system, ensures minimal running costs and a longer device life cycle.

Easy and smart

Each parameter can be adjusted to always have the best performance. WI-Fi and self-diagnostics keep you informed on the progress of the work and the health of the product

Technical specifications

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