BB Compact

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Easy to use and professional in performance

BB Compact is the polymerizer with compact dimensions but with incredible performance, thanks to its two wavelengths that irradiate the resins on all six sides. Once you have chosen the right UV rays power and the correct temperature, you just have to admire the result.


2 wavelengths

Exclusive Omni 360 ° technology

Security OFF system

Suitable for castable resins. Audiological, dental

It works protected with BB Compact, the structure in “closed chamber” mode, without transparent plastic walls and with the Security OFF system on the door, protects the user from even minimal exposure to UV radiation.

2 Wave lenghts

Double Frequency technology can polymerize a large number of resins of different types, from standard resins to more technical ones, passing through castable compounds to finish with flexible resins.

360° Polymerization

The exclusive Omni 360 ° technology irradiates your objects from all sides, even the support one. The 6 radiating faces in fact allow effective UV exposure without rotation of the object and without moving parts that can wear out.

Technical specifications

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